II International Conference "Real Estate Management in Corporations" REMIC 2013 in Moscow

II International Conference REMIC 2013 held on 20 November, 2013 at "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" became an important event in the business life of the country.

The conference was attended by some 300 participants, including head executives, government officials and experts in the field of property management. A project for institution of a Non-profit Partnership "Corporate Owners Club" aimed to simplify the contacts between the government and business was submitted for consideration.

The main objective of the conference was development of efficient mechanisms for management of large business assets.

Among the challenges faced by the conference participants were the following:

  • establishment of a continuously operating expert organization;
  • summarizing, analyzing the current situation in the sphere of corporate real estate sector, setting the course of development for the future;
  • development of a project for reduction of corporate property management costs.

The key point of 2013 REMIC conference was participation of foreign specialists in it. In their reports, the foreign partners shared the topical information on advanced innovation practices in real estate management with the other participants of the conference. The attention of the audience was specially caught by a report "Assessment of efficiency of investments in long-term real estate projects" by Dr. Franz Jurkovic, Director General of Warimpex Finanz-Und Beteiligungs AG, whose reputation is confirmed by the years of successful work in the field of investment business in a number of European countries and in Russia.

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