Architectural solutions

The business centre designed by a European architectural agency combines original design, intelligent building management systems, energy saving technology and other elements of the green development concept.

The objective of the investors of AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg was to combine a truly unique design, functional character and advanced environmental technology to create a prosperous and distinctive multi-use business complex in the Pulkovo business area.

Starting from the design to the cutting-edge engineering technology, European development nest practices become evident in all elements of the project. The construction double facade feature and smart blinds that close automatically when hit by direct sunlight, help reduce the energy consumption in the summer.

The business centre buildings are interconnected with a common passage which houses a coffee shop, a number of meeting rooms and a health and fitness centre. The great popularity of AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg offices inspired us to add new buildings. The future parts of the complex will follow the same architectural style, joined by a common passage with a green roof.

The project combines ergonomic office premises with environmentally friendly design solutions. It was built with the active use of environmentally friendly materials, such as the “green roof” on the base of the towers, which was developed according to German technology.

The office buildings also boast excellent views and a sophisticated control system. The panoramic windows of the business centre offer a magnificent view of the city and its major transport arteries – the Belt Highway, the Western High-Speed Diameter and Pulkovo International Airport.

Distinctive features of the complex

  • Leasing office in a premium Class-A business centre.
  • Choose the office space: open-space or separate rooms.
  • European architectural solutions.
  • “Green roof” and green development technologies.
  • Modern integrated security systems.
  • A convenient location close to Pulkovo airport.

Its modern architecture, energy efficiency and functional character place AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg on top of the list of the most innovative real estate projects in the city.