Technical specifications

AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg was built with the use of energy-efficient and sustainable technologies.

Distinctive features of the project

  • The office buildings are equipped with a heat recovery (reverse acquisition) system, a water purifying system and garbage compactors.
  • Automatic “smart blinds” effectively reduce energy consumption in the summer. Closing at the first touch of direct sunlight, they will protect your room from aggressive sunlight and excess heat. You can also use the remote-control unit to open your window whenever you feel like it.
  • The stylobate part of the building features a sedum coated “green roof” designed according to German technology.


The complex makes use of a double facade system. The technology has excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.


We have equipped our multi-use complex with state-of-the-art high-speed noiseless elevators produced in Finland by the KONE company.


We have also installed electrical equipment produced by leading European and American manufacturers.

  • Distribution equipment produced by Schneider Electric (France).
  • Transformers produced by Zucchini (Italy).
  • An emergency diesel generator manufactured by Caterpillar (United States) guarantees an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Switchboards produced by Hoeuer (Germany).
  • Lighting units manufactured by Zumtobel, OMS and Philips.

The office premises are supplied with the electric power of 50 W per m2. All electrical installation works were carried out by the Siemens Group (Germany).