About project

AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg multi-use complex is the city's first premium-grade business centre located in the immediate vicinity of the Pulkovo airport.

Its convenient location near the Ring road – Airport – Western High-Speed Diameter junction and the spacious parking lot effectively eliminate the transport problems that consistently plague the central part of the city. Built with the use of green development technology, the complex is totally consistent with European standards.

You will feel the advantages of our complex in the first moments of your visit.

  • Premium A+ Class buildings conforming to the highest standards.
  • Total area of the complex, including the existing buildings and those under construction, is 195,000 m2.
  • Convenient location near the Ring road, Western High-Speed Diameter and the Airport.
  • Spacious open parking space.
  • Two-storied parking house with an accessible roof, 445 internal parking spaces and warehouse.
  • Business hotel.
  • Proximity to several shopping and entertainment centres.
  • The key tenant of the project is PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries.

An office in St. Petersburg is indispensable for a modern company wishing to expand their activities. In addition to the above, there is a broad range of requirements that actively developing companies impose on a business complex.  Among the numerous opportunities of St. Petersburg for office leasing, very few of the business centres actually conform to Class-A international standards. Our tenant companies will no doubt appreciate the energy-saving technology and sustainability practices implemented in the construction of AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg.

Key engineering features

  1. Advanced fire safety system.
  2. Latest security and monitoring system.
  3. Cutting-edge ventilation and air conditioning system.
  4. Dispatching control systems for engineering and electrical equipment produced by the leading manufacturers, such as Schneider Electric, Zucchini, Philips and Siemens Group.
  5. Private transformer substation, autonomous gas boiler house.
  6. Double facade system with multi-function glazing.
  7. Exterior acoustic insulation.

Achievements and awards

  • Zeppelin Business Centre – winner of Class-A business centre nomination, CRE St. Petersburg & Federal Awards 2016.
  • AVIELEN A.G. – winner of Developer of the year nomination, CRE St. Petersburg & Federal Awards 2016.
  • AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg multi-use complex – winner of Multi-use complex nomination, CRE St. Petersburg & Federal Awards 2012.
  • AVIELEN A.G. – winner of Developer of the year nomination, CRE St. Petersburg & Federal Awards 2012.

The further development of the AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg mixed-use complex is to include the construction of new A+ Class business centres. The first one to enter the commercial real estate market will be an office building with a total area of 18,000 square metres, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022.