"Gazprom" is near Saint Petersburg: monopoly spokesman Kuprianov told to the Dozhd about the moving

Slowly and sure, "Gazprom" is leaving for Saint Petersburg. According to "Interfax", the Northern Capital awaits one of the key departments of the gas monopolist the department for construction. This is about 400 persons.

"Gazprom" has already declared the purchase of computers, servers and software. The delivery is planned for August-September, address - Startovaya Street, 6, the second tower of the "Jupiter" Complex. For now, the employees and managers of the "Gazprom invest" have been already working in the tower, this company combines the activity of practically all clients of the "Gazprom" Group. The new department expected in Petersburg is an addition to the "Gazprom invest". Thus, in St.Petersburg the branches will be concentrated, which deal with orders and sales of all construction works. In this case, the department for major repairs may also move from Moscow to Petersburg. That is how the spokesman of "Gazprom" Sergei Kuprianov explains the moving, which goes on in the company during recent years.

Mr. Sergei Kuprianov, the spokesman of "Gazprom": Our main client for investment projects, the department supervising the area and the purchase department are concentrated in one place. So our whole investment alliance will be concentrated in one place. Since our client service is consolidated on the "Gazprom invest west" basis, it may be a reason.

Answering the question whether the whole "Gazprom" headquarter now situated in the tower in Nametkina Street leave for Petersburg, Mr.Kuprianov observed, it was too early to say something, as there was absent the clear understanding on the matter. We can add that the "Gazprom" daughter-office "Gazprom neft" has moved to Petersburg near St.Isaac Square ahead of all. Besides, there are around the city such small units as "Gazprom gazomotornoe toplivo" and "Gazprom sotsinvest".

The ex-governor of St.Petersburg Valentina Matvienko desired the gas monopolist to be present in the city. In the time of her governing the main scandal occurred, which became not only political, but also architectural. It concerned the building of the Gazprom tower in Ohta-District near Smolny. But under protests of many years, UNESCO threats and examinations there was made a decision not to spoil the view of the city. However, the plan to site "Gazprom" here remained even after the governor Georgy Poltavchenko had come to the power. The last project was to build a skyscraper in Lahta-District. But as follows from the comments of Mr.Kuprianov, there is no final decision on this project and moving. The expert Mihail Krutihin says, the actual transfer of the company parts does not influence on anything.

Mr. Mihail Krutihin, RusEnergy Company’s partner: I find no sense in this moving. There must be something emotional in the "Gazprom" management, like a homecoming. From commercial point of view, the tax increase for Saint Petersburg should be insignificant, since this is only one of "Gazprom" departments. But if we take all together, in this case the city will really benefit from taxes.

There is still no information on how much it will cost for the company to move its department for major repairs.

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