AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg has introduced a presentation model of the business complex development

Starting in July of this year, a new format – a holographical architectural model – will allow tenants and partners to get acquainted with the AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg mixed-use complex project in a new and exciting way.

The presentation device demonstrates the elements of the business centre in an original way, in which models of existing and future buildings of the AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg complex rise from the flat surface of the table with laser projectors shining on the buildings in a given order to better illustrate the external and internal design of the complex. Visual demonstration of the complex elements is accompanied by a voice-over description of the project.

Another important feature of the new model is that it makes the complex presentation available to a large number of people as it does not require the use of video glasses. The presentation model is made in full proportion to the elements of the complex. The audience will get the correct impression of the scale the future buildings will have in relation to the existing structures.

The first stage of AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg construction was launched in 2009. As of now, the existing complex consists of three A+ Class business centres, a multi-use parking building and Crowne Plaza hotel. The next construction stage, which started in 2019, involves the erection of a 10-storey Avior Tower-1 business centre (18,300 square metres), which will follow the style of the rest of the AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg complex. As the project develops, the presentation model will be enriched with new content: photos and 3D models of premises.  

The model has already been presented at the AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg sales office. Corporate customers, brokers and commercial real estate consultants are welcome to attend individual presentations to get acquainted with the development plans for the business complex and for the commercial premises lease.

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