The press conference on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of AVIELEN A.G.

April 27, at the press conference on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of AVIELEN A.G. held in Airportcity Plaza Hotel, Director General Andrey Kanivets informed that in the near term AVIELEN A.G. intends to launch one more large-scale facility.

Andrey Kanivets (Director General, AVIELEN A.G.):

We have built the multi-level parking on Bykovskaya Street. The parking is completed. It’s an indoor parking for 445 cars. The project meets any requirements of a potential tenant. The parking is equipped with CCTVs, elevators; it is heated throughout the year. The parking has separate lots for persons with disabilities. CJSC AVIELEN A.G. is negotiating with potential tenants. About 900 mln rubles have been invested in the project.

The company anticipates entering into a long-term contract with one or several major customers. The premises will be finished with account for requirements and wishes of a future tenant out of the company’s own funds.

But the main part of questions addressed further development of AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg Project. The company’s shareholders commented on the future plans of the company.

Georg Folian – Deputy Chairman of Warimpex Management Board:

We keep going! We continue investing into St. Petersburg, we keep on developing the area near the airport, and we are happy with the process. It has not been yet determined what else will be constructed. Possibly, a number of business centers, or one more hotel. We will focus on the market demands.

In his responses to the journalists' questions, Georg Folian also expressed his opinion on the company’s performance during 25 years.

We appreciate everything. St. Petersburg is a vibrant city; CJSC AVIELEN A.G. is a stable company with an efficient team. Our business is facilitated with a fast growth of St. Petersburg, with the change of its infrastructure. There is a great contribution of the city’s authorities in it. Our tenants are happy with the offices. Our facilities are considered to be amongst the best in the city. That has been our goal.

By 2035, CJSC AVIELEN A.G. plans to build about 130,000 m2 of commercial premises in the area of AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg. In total, the company owns about 3 ha. At present, the following four facilities are completely built and exploited: business centers Zeppelin, Jupiter 1 and Jupiter 2, hotel Airportcity Plaza.

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