The 5th international conference "Real Estate Management in corporations" REMIC 2016 in Saint-Petersburg

On November 25, 2016 the annual international conference "Real Estate Management in corporations" REMIC 2016 was held in the congress-exhibition center "Expoforum". More than 400 participants such as government and state representatives, the heads of large companies, the specialists and the consultants in the area of real estate management took part in this event. The sheer scope and strategic importance of the issues raised at the conference, the prominence of its participants, and the current relevance of the challenges it addresses have allowed it to be ranked among Russia’s leading economic forums and earn a solid reputation among the business community.

he main purpose of REMIC 2016 was to form the constructive dialogue between the state and the business in the sphere of the land and property relations in Russia.

Number of conference goals mentioned at the conference are as it follows:

  • exploring the issues associated with elevating the level of transparency of land-and-property relations in Russia,
  • modernising the technological complex of production,
  • regulating the cadastral aspects of the land-and-property relations of corporations,
  • refining the system for the taxation of corporate real estate.

The moderator of the international session "Modern global property management trends" was Dr. Franz Jurkowitsch, chairman, co-founder and co-owner of Warimpex Finanz-Und Beteiligungs AG. He has been working in the field of development and investment business since 1985 and he has already taken part in this international performance for the 4th time.

Speakers from Austria, Germany and the UK discussed such trends as the area of advanced development and co-working space at the international session.

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