The lease of business center Zeppelin by PAO Gazprom

In June 2015 the business centre Zeppelin was leased out to PAO Gazprom. The federal company rented the whole building with the total office are of 15000 m2. Thus, the first and the second phases of the MFC AIRPORTCITY Saint-Petersburg project has been 100 % rented out.

The business centre Zeppelin is a part of the large-scale multifunctional complex of AIRPORTCITY Saint-Petersburg, which includes 3 A class business centers and the business hotel Airportcity Plaza.

AIRPORTCITY Saint-Petersburg is located in 5 minutes’ drive from the airport Pulkovo and in 20 minutes’ drive from the downtown. It is quite close to the ring road and the Western high-speed diameter as well. The office building Zeppelin has excellent external characteristics and it is constructed with the help of unique architectural concepts and equipped with the intellectual business management system (BMS).

ZAO AVIELEN A.G. is currently constructing a covered two-storeyed parking for 500 parking lots on the "AIRPORTCITY Saint-Petersburg" project territory. The completion of construction is scheduled for 2016-2017.

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