European approach to roof green spaces arrangement: green development technology

NTV channel has prepared a program about one of the advanced technologies used for the construction of MFC "AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg".

The program tells about the so-called "green development" technology ("green" roof) that was constructed on the roof of the second floor of the hotel and office building on the basis of the project by European landscape designers.

"Green roof" is a decorative lawn consisting of different types of sedum that don’t request special care and have flowers in turns almost all year round. The advantage of this technology, that is new to St. Petersburg, is not only attractive appearance of the roof, but also improved sound insulation and protection from outdoor temperature impact. Quoting Anastasya Pekutko, commercial manager of AVIELEN A.G., useful life of the waterproofing material has increased twofold.

Besides, the results of research dedicated to the "green" roof of the office buildings of MFC "AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg" were used as the basis for several Master’s theses and reports presented at international conferences.

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