25th International Real Estate Exhibition MIPIM 2014

In the period from 11 to 14 March, 25th International Real Estate Exhibition MIPIM 2014 has been held in Cannes. This exhibition has become a crucial event in the international real estate market, which, since 1990, brings together the industry’s leading representatives from all over the world, thus providing unique access to the international development projects and investments.

This year MIPIM has been visited by about twenty thousand people from 79 countries. At the exhibition center of the Palais des Festivals, within a four days’ term, participants of the exhibition had the opportunity to demonstrate their own projects, to evaluate the presented proposals, to learn expert opinion on the key trends, and to negotiate and reach prospective agreements.

In the Year of Jubilee of the exhibition, Russia has been declared one of the MIPIM Countries of Honor. A significant number of Russian representatives both from among forum participants and among journalists, speaks for the growing interest of Russians to the event, and is positioning Russia as a profitable object for investments into commercial real estate.

Andrey Kanivets, Director General of ZAO "AVIELEN A. G.", among the other Russian representatives, made a speech in Cannes. The presentation began with description of the investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg as one of the largest mega-cities in Europe, the second largest business and cultural center of Russia, which, with each year, attracts more and more attention of the famous global corporations. In the second part of his speech, forum participants were introduced to the latest development project of multifunctional complex "AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg". During the presentation, good transport accessibility of this complex, the project’s external and internal infrastructure, conference capacities of business complex Airportcity Plaza Hotel, as well as a lot of other benefits offered to the tenants of this office space, were demonstrated. As always, the project AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg showed the example of successful combination of the European style and high technologies. The final part of the speech was devoted to construction of the new buildings of the business centers within the next four stages of the project.

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