Two cooks of Airportcity Plaza Hotel became laureates of the annual contest "Best in profession"

Evgeny Rystakov, Executive sous-chef, and Polina Merikova, Chef de party, have become laureates of the annual contest of the professional excellence for the title of "Best in profession" in the field of consumer market of Saint Petersburg.

The contest was held in November 2013 and consisted of two phases: written test to verify the knowledge of products and technics to prepare them, and also practical part, which included "homework" and preparing of dishes from the ingredients provided by the organizers.

The award was established in order to have self-improvement of professional excellence and stimulate high level of service. The final competitions took place from 25 till 27 of November in the First Cadet Corps Manege. The event was organized with the support of Entrepreneurship Development Committee and consumer market of Saint Petersburg. 24 competitors from the leading restaurants and hotels of Saint Petersburg took part in the contest.

The golden and silver medals were won by the cooks of Airportcity Plaza Hotel, Polina Merikova and Evgeny Rystakov.

Polina Merikova has been working in the catering industry for 6 years. During this time she has gained significant experience both in chain cafés and signature restaurants of the city hotels. Polina joined the team of Airportcity Plaza Hotel in 2012.

Evgeny Rystakov has a 13-year experience in the restaurant business; he has worked in different 4- and 5-star hotels of St. Petersburg, was the chef in several restaurants, and had internship on Cyprus. In 2011 he participated in the opening of Airportcity Plaza Hotel, where he is currently working.

Dishes from the contest winners’ menu

Homework: to prepare tiger shrimps with local and seasonal products

Polina Merikova: tartar from shrimps marinated in apple juice.

Evgeny Rystakov: sivichi from tiger shrimps with cranberries and mashed garden peas.

"Black box": to prepare a dish from the ingredients provided by the organizers

Polina Merikova: chicken filet, made using low temperatures, with mashed celery and pomegranate sous.

Evgeny Rystakov: pork cut, made using low temperatures, with herbs, mashed potatoes and sous with red wine.

On the photo: Evgeny Rystakov and Polina Merikova.

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