Developers of Pulkovo urge the city administration to build transport infrastructure

Pulkovo area is one of the fastest growing areas in St. Petersburg. Thus, despite the high occupancy of the facilities and the emergence of large tenants in the business centers, an important issue is the resolution of future traffic problems.

At the Pulkovo District - Normal Flight round table meeting, the leading market players and managers discussed what the business had achieved in the last few years, what motivates large tenants to move into the Pulkovo area, and what the district lacks for further development. As Vladimir Rublevsky, Head of the administration of the Moscovsky district, noted, development of the area began with the construction of commercial real estate. "Now we have a very interesting business area. Due to the construction, we have acquired a large number of jobs. Moskovsky district is considered one of the best in terms of beauty, comfort, attractiveness for life. At the same time, we understand that the main problem is transport accessibility, which must be solved".

Developers of Pulkovo told about the phases of implementation of their projects, as well as future plans. Thus, the General Director of ZAO AVIELEN A. G. Andrey Kanivets said that when starting work in Pulkovo, the shareholders were absolutely sure that over time, the territory would be a business and social center. "We built the AIRPORTCITY St. Petersburg hotel and business centers by investing more than 5 billion rubles in the project. Immediately after the crisis, in a year the office buildings were 100 percent occupied. Despite the location and the Ring Road, the average annual rate of occupancy of the 4 star-hotel is 70 %", said Andrey Kanivets. "We did not set a goal to build a certain number of square meters, but wanted to create a complex of buildings connected by one architectural idea. And right now, we are developing a concept of the development of a whole territory belonging to ZAO AVIALEN". Franz Jurkovich, Chairman of the Board of Warimpex, said that AIRPORTCITY is not just office buildings; it is a unified project that typically includes a set of infrastructure needed for life and work.

Отметил особенности работы и Директор по стратегическим проектам EKE Group Андрей Хитров: "Сейчас в Пулково располагается порядка 500 компаний, что встречается далеко не во всех даже сформировавшихся деловых районах города. Для нас очень важно, чтобы параллельно с реализацией наших планов шла проработка транспортной инфраструктуры, обсуждался вопрос строительства станции метро, поскольку без этого о развитии говорить сложно".

Andrey Khitrov, Director of Strategic Projects, EKE Group, shared his opinion about the work done: "Now about 500 companies are located in Pulkovo, which can be found not in all business districts, even already formed ones. For us it is important that the implementation of our plans is accompanied by the development of the transport infrastructure; the issue of building a subway station has been discussed, as it is difficult to speak about any development without it".

Peter Coachman, the Director General of Technopolis. St. Petersburg, highlighted difficulties in the development of the territory saying that "transport accessibility is a necessary component of a comfortable existence of business and civil society, so if the Moscovsky district wants to attract investors, it should solve the transportation problem".

Ekaterina Bogolyubova, the Director of marketing, advertising and PR of ZAO ExpoForum, agreed with it, emphasizing that the main point is the need to build a subway station in Pulkovo: "We are planning to organize shuttles from subway stations, and consider the logistics of people coming to ExpoForum, but we understand that this is not enough".

The participants could also hear the opinion of major tenants working in Pulkovo. Larisa Mishina, Head of the Department of Asset Management and Corporate Relations, OAO Gazprom, said that when the company was looking for large areas, it faced a lack of offers, the lack of quality space, insane expectations of the property owners from Gazprom. "After considering a large number of objects, we came to AVIELEN, and were surprised that the company knew everything about its business centre. We also saw the development potential of the area: the possibility of the construction of transport infrastructure, housing, construction of ExpoForum".

Sergey Krylov, Director of Legal Affairs, OOO Northern Capital Gateway, shared his plans for the future. "St. Petersburg will receive a new modern airport that will serve as an impetus to the development of the district not only near Pulkovo-2 but in the area near the new terminal. We expected that passenger growth would be around 5 % per year. In fact, it turns out that at the moment the growth is 15 - 20 % per year, which makes it necessary to adjust our plans and further develop the airport infrastructure".

Anastasia Pekutko, the Commercial Director of ZAO AVIELEN A. G., summarized that "the result of such a round table meeting should be a document or a letter from the business community of the Pulkovo area. This will allow the city administration to collaborate with the investors, developers and business of the territory and to include this important St. Petersburg area in its strategic development plans".

The General Director of AVIELEN A. G., Andrey Kanivets has also informed that more than 6 billion rubles can be invested in the construction of new commercial property in Pulkovo area in the nearest time in case of the improvement of transport accessibility. The possible solutions for this issue are as it follows:

  • Design and construction of one of the most significant elements of the street road (according to the draft layout to the boundary-setting plan approved by Government regulation № 376 dated 15. 04. 2010) highway № 9 from Vnukovskaya street along the Pulkovo highway toward the border of the Leningradskaya region.
  • Design and construction of the railroad from Zvezdnaya metro station to the terminal Pulkovo-1.
  • Laying of the road through the Pilotov street through Aviagorodok to a new exit of the ring road to the terminal 1 from Strelna side.

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